Blender - The Ultimate Guide - Complete Opera In 5 Volumes

by Blender High School in Models

Maybe Blender is the most complete software in computer graphics. It seemed impossible can put together in a real encyclopedia every topic and content, but we did it!

Blender - the ultimate guide is divided into 5 big books, in which all the topics, any tool, every menu and every parameter are deeply explained and implemented by hundreds of images and practical examples.

The ultimate guide remains always in step.

The volumes are available in 2 versions: printed book and digital (pdf and Kindle formats).

Here you can download the books pdf format and the attachments to follow the exercises.


VOLUME 1: Introduction - Interface and menu - Selection Methods - Workspace - Tools and Modifiers
Author: Andrea Coppolaì
442 pages - cm 14,85 x 21
4 color (pdf version)
english language

VOLUME 2: Blender Render - Cycles and nodes - Materials, Textures, and Lighting - Texture Paint - Parents, Groups and Constraints
Author: A. Coppola
450 pages - cm 14,85 x 21
4 color (pdf version)
english language

VOLUME 3: Particle System - Rigid Body and Soft Body - Physics - Simulations - Compositing
Author: A. Coppola
452 pages - cm 14,85 x 21
4 color (pdf version)
english language

VOLUME 4: Animation - Rigging and Inverse Kinematic - Sculpting - Video Editing - Motion Tracking
Author: A. Coppola
422 pages - cm 14,85 x 21
4 color (pdf version)
english language

VOLUME 5: Release 2.77 to 2.79b New Functions - Freestyle - Compositing Applications - Photogrammetry - 360° renders - Grease Pencil 2D Animation - Blender Game Engine - Blender 2.8 features and more and more...
Author: A. Coppola
570 pages - cm 14,85 x 21
4 color (pdf version)
english language


BHS Director - CG Generalist - BFCT
Architect, Designer, 3D Artist and house builder (in the past also musician and producer), he lives and works dividing himself between Rome (where he deals mainly with architectural projects of interior and design) and Kenya (where he created two residences and a hotel). Owner and founder of L.A.A.R. architectural firm, mainly focused in interior and furniture design, in this company he designed and followed the marketing of two kitchens. He also works on construction sites as safety coordinator and consultant. He was assistant professor and lecturer in some University Masterclass in Rome. He has transformed during the past years, his passion for CG, and especially for Blender, in a real job, first specializing himself in live and distance training, writing and publishing several books on Blender, Autocad, and producing video courses for all levels, then creating Blender High School. He is one of the 5 Italian Blender Foundation Certified Trainer.

Sales 40+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Blender Internal, Blender Game Engine, Cycles, Eevee, Freestyle
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Manifold Mesh (Water-Tight), Rigged, Animated, Low & High Resolution, Normal Mapped, Textured
Length 2336
License Editorial
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