Blego Bricks + Plastic Shader

by DoubleGum in Models

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  • Christian Munoz
    3 months ago

    Super useful, looks great and highly customizable. I used it for rendering plastic toys and it’s just perfect.

  • Jason
    7 months ago

    I really love this shader but the only problem with it is that when I rig it to an armature, the textures move with it which is nice for fingerprints but not really nice for things like scratches and dents, if there's an option to not move the textures while armature is moving, this would be the perfect shader for me.

    • Rahul Parihar

      7 months ago

      Hi Jason, Thanks for the feedback! :)

      The textures don't "stick" to the mesh because like most procedural shaders, Blego uses 'Object' mapping by default, which projects the textures from all 3 axes (also know as Tri-planar mapping), using the object's origin as center.

      Now when the mesh is moved with a rig or shape keys, the object and its origin don't move at all (i.e. no change in loc/rot/scale), so the textures are still projected the same way, which leads to "loose textures not sticking to the mesh".

      Blego 2.0 (free update) is coming soon with new material and GeoNodes modifiers. A 'Mapping' option will let you switch to UV mapping (instead of Object mapping), so that UVs can be used to map textures that will fully stick to animated mesh.

      Hope this helps. If there is anything else that you'd like to see in the update, feel free to share via DM. Cheers!

  • Eric George
    about 1 year ago

    As others have said, the plastic shader is really good. But I bought the complete pack for the palette also. It's super easy to put them in an Asset Browser file and then you have all of these really nice lego colors ready to drop on your models without even needing to tweak the colors. Very inspirational.

  • Bernd Voglmeier
    over 1 year ago

    I tested it out, and the shader (material) is really awesome. Additionally with good lighting this material is unique, very high quality, my models are looking great with it. Personally, I would like to see some more detail features like colorizing imperfections and such (scratches or flakes especially), maybe some paint stains here and there, or being able to give the objects a more, stronger "used" look by dirt or other kind of damages, which might improve the surface quality in general, but that would be just the crowning glory on top of a great product. Thank you for that!

  • Alan
    over 4 years ago

    The add-on helped me to make my Lego characters look good!

    • Rahul Parihar

      over 4 years ago

      I am glad it did! :)
      Thank you so much for the first rating on this product, you are very kind. :)

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