Ultimate Plastic Shader (Eevee & Cycles)

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Why does it not work with Optix?

Optix doesn't support some nodes like the 'Bevel' or the 'Ambient Occlusion' node. It doesn't matter if they are connected to the material output or not, but if they are even present in the shader editor window, the scene will no longer render. Try it out with a fresh scene.

Blego uses the Bevel node for its Edge Wear function, and hence doesn't work in Optix. Please use CUDA instead.

Sorry about this, it is a bummer, I know. But we just have to wait for the Blender devs to fix it.

Why does the 'Edge Wear' doesn't work for me?

Edge Wear is currently not supported by Eevee, everything else will work just fine.

If you are using Cycles, and still are facing a problem, then you need to download the latest 2.79 'Experimental' build from builder.blender.org/download/

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am sure this will be resolved with the next stable Blender release. Thanks for your support. :)

My Blender version doesn't have Eevee, what should I do?

Download an experimental 2.8 build from builder.blender.org/download/

Is the Lego brick included in the .blend file?

Yes, the one shown in the images. I prefer the term Blego Brick. :p

Do I need to UV unwrap my models to use this shader?

No, the shader uses 'object' texture coordinates, thus, you need not worry about UVs at all.

The textures look weird (stretched or squished) on my model, what should I do?

You need to apply scale.
Select model. Hit 'Ctrl+A'. Select 'Scale'.

Is this compatible with Cycles and/or Eevee ?

Yes, Blego is compatible with both Cycles and Eevee rendering engines.

Is this a procedural shader?

Yes, mostly. Everything except the fingerprints and scratches is procedural.