Bender - Simple Bend Add-On

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Bender is an addon for Blender that simply allows you to bend geometry. You can bend different parts of your mesh and you can bend it multiple times. All bending happens procedurally so you can go back and adjust the settings of any of the bends you did. 

For a detailed instructions on how this Add-on works, it's best to get the Bender User Manual or watch this Video demo

But, still, here is a short summary of the add-on:
You need an object to bend, preferably a mesh object. So once you select your object, expand the Bender subpanel in the BB Tools Panel and press the “Bend it” button.

This will add a bend gizmo to your object and populate your side panel with many editable parameters that will allow you to set the bend to your liking.

How does this add-on work? Once the bend is created, you can see in the modifiers properties panel that a geometry nodes modifier gets added to your object. You won’t need to worry about this since everything will be controlled inside the 3D View Side Panel. You can create as many bends (geo node bend modifiers) as you want, by bending the object multiple times and you’ll be able to switch between controlling one or the other just by selecting each one from a list.

Once the bend (geo node modifier) is created, the Bend gizmo will appear.
The Gizmo is not a separate object from the original mesh. It’s actually generated mesh geometry that’s there to help you to control your bend transformation, but it can be hidden with a simple button switch.

Center of the Bend is like the name suggests, the center of the bend transformation
The direction of the Bend is defined by these 2 arcs with arrows that show the direction of the positive bend (you can bend geometry in the opposite direction by setting the bend angle to a negative value)
The Reference Plane of the Bend is the defining plane of the Bend, everything over this plane will get bent, and everything under will not (unless you enable the “Bend Both Sides” button, which will bend both sides.
Limit Plane is the Plane that limits the bend, in the sense that everything over this plane will not be bent but it will still be affected by the connected geometry that is bent below this Limit plane
The Axis of the Bend is the axis that the object gets bent along. It’s the normal of the Reference Plane

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