Beautiful Clouds

by Nicolas in Surfacing

Have you ever wanted to have beautiful volumetric clouds in your render but didn't have the time to create them or didn't know how ? Well, search no more because with this node group, you will be able to create beautiful procedural clouds.

Why did i make these clouds ?

Simply because i was tired of HDRIs and wanted to have clouds that would interact with the scene more. Which resulted in this node group, with procedural volumetric clouds that can be penetrated by light to create beautiful sun beams.

Here are the parameters that you can change in real time:

  • Clouds Color
  • Seed
  • Coverage
  • Clouds Noise Intensity
  • Clouds Density
  • Clouds Absorption
  • Clouds Scale
  • Clouds Scale Random
  • Clouds Height
  • Clouds Clipping mask
  • Hide X/Y Clipping ?
  • Clouds Location
  • Clouds Rotation

You can find more information about each one of these parameters in the documentation tab.

What about render times ?

I did my best to optimize the render time in every situation but obviously, render time will still be shorter with smaller clouds container. To give you a frame of reference, the image below took about 23 min to render at 1080p with 256 samples and a 0.1 dicing rate. All the testing was done with a laptop with a 3070 and 32gb of ram.

Some examples:

"We should get inside"

Everyone likes pink clouds, right ?

*Please take note that like with any other shaders that use volumetrics, the clouds may take a long time to render even on powerful setups.

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