Bcon Addon Effects Bundle (7 Addons)

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BCON Flash Sale is Here and we giving you 7 Addons at an affordable Price Offer Limited This Bundle contains some of our Effects Addons, if you buy it you can quickly create Visual Effects and Motion Graphics scenes of your imagination with This Bundle, it Contains 

Below are the top 4 Addons in this Bundle that we are going to talk about

Element X Addon

Element X is a procedural Geometry Node Addon for creating Sci-Fi Elements that can be used anywhere on your objects or scene, there is no limit to what element you want to create with this amazing Addon, an example of what this addon can do is Doctor Strange Movie Effects, Iron Man Effects, anything you can think of that is Sci-Fi, this Addon can do it

Energy FX Addon

This Addons comes with Cool Effects that you can add into your project that require them, like Saber, Shockwave Burst, Glowing Lines, Aura(coming soon) and more

Kairos Abstract Addon

This is an addon that simplifies scifi scene creation in blender, its super fast, super easy and super affordable, it uses geometry nodes to make the magic happen, it comes with over 17 presets for you to play with and customize to your own liking

this addon work son all Mesh Object, as long as its a mesh, you are good to Go, the more polygons your Mesh has the More Computing Power you will need 

Shockwave Addon

This is Blender's very first Shockwave Addon to be featured on the Blender Market, it uses blender's Particle system to create a shockwave, you can turn it into smoke if your sure of your PC, its so easy and lightweight,

Quick Particles

Quick Particles simplifies the creation of particles Effects in Blender with a few steps and a few tweaks, This makes Blender's Particle System Even more simpler, Easy, Accessible, Reliable and Very Easy to Use Compared to the Default Blender Particle Creation Workflow, 


and More Two Addons, so Grab it now while its Still Cheap

==== FOR MORE ADDONS =====

Vera Product Light for Product lighting

Energy Fx Addon for Effects Presets and creation

Easy Displacer Addon Blender's Most Advanced Displacement Addon

Surface Detail Addon Blender's Most Advanced Hard Surface Tool

City Road Builder, Blenders best city road generator

Quake Animation Tools Blender's Most Advanced Animation Tools

Particles-X Blender's Most Advanced Particle System Extension

Scifi Elements Addon which creates scifi elements in your scene easily

Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever created

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