Bathroom Decoration

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Bathroom decoration The pack contains 14 bathroom utensils like a brush, q-tips and so on. Great for creating a photorealistic architectural visualization. The models are optimized and ready to render. The materials are packed in .blend file.


  • scale 1:1
  • original size
  • material is included and properly named
  • pivot point is on the bottom of every model
  • models are UV-mapped
  • objects are logically named
  • no special plugin needed to open scene
  • ready for using in visualisation

Models included:

  1. After Shave "Grisu" (self creation)
  2. Eau de Toilette "Grisu" (self creation)
  3. Parfum "Lily" (self creation)
  4. Eau de Toilette "Lily" (self creation)
  5. Brush and comb (self creation)
  6. Chlorhexamed package
  7. Ajona toothpaste tube
  8. Ajona toothpaste package
  9. Dove men care
  10. Lavera creme
  11. Shauma shampoo
  12. SOI shower gel
  13. Q-tips in glass holder

Save the Dekorationen.blend to any file location you like.

How to load the Models:

To load the model/s into your scene click File > Append > Dekorationen.blend > Object, then choose the wanted object like brush, comb, schauma or so on to load the model.  Then click Append from Library. 


All models have materials, some have textures.  The objects are UV-mapped, the texture is appended.


The brush has a particle system. You can change the settings in Particles panel.

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