Batch Wizard

by DracoMyth in Addons

What is it?

Batch Wizard is a Blender add-on that speeds up working with multiple objects simultaneously. Extremely useful for creating/optimizing/checking High Poly or Low Poly objects for games, VR, AR and other platforms, where you can perform the same operation for all selected meshes.

Often working on 3d objects not created by us requires proper preparation and clearing of unnecessary things, the Batch Wizard add-on will speed up the work and provide comfort when working on an object very badly done.


  • Supports Blender v2.80 - v4.0.

  • Supports 3d objects of mesh and curve type.

  • Supports for multiple objects simultaneously.

  • Supports complete clearing of materials, UVMaps or modifiers from selected objects.

  • Supports adding materials or UV channel with the specified name.

  • Supports fixing multi-user error simultaneously for selected objects.

  • Supports adding and updating the triangulate modifier on all selected objects.

  • Supports face orientation check and recalculates outward for all selected objects.

  • Supports Windows, Linux.


·        Does not support other object types besides mesh and curve.

·        Does not support mode other than object mode except for some features.

How to install

Launch Blender, navigate to 'Edit->User Preference...->Add-ons', click the 'Install Add-on from file...' button, a pop up dialog will appear, select ‘', click the 'Install Add-on from file...' button on the pop up dialog, the add-on will be installed to Blender's addons directory.

Note: Do not simply copy and paste the unzipped add-on directory into the working directory of the Blender add-on, you should do this by using 'Install...' and selecting the appropriate add-on package



Check the scale and rotation of the object without switching between tabs to use the Batch Wizard at the same time.


Rg UVMap
Reorganization of UV channels for selected objects while preserving UV data. Eventually there will be one channel named "UVMap".

XYZ Mode
Imported models often have a different rotation mode than the default for XYZ blender, now you can change it with one click.

Clear Custom Normals
Remove the custom split normal layer if exists for all selected objects.

Wipe Clean

Material Removes ALL materials from selected objects
UV Map – Removes ALL UV Channels from selected objects.
Modifier – Removes ALL modifiers from selected objects.


UV Map
Creates a UV channel for selected objects with the specified name.

Material Slot
Create material for selected objects with the given name. Automatically attached node 'Normal Map'.

Transfer From Active

Transfer data from active object to selected objects: Materials

Copy modifiers from active object to selected objects.

Linked Objects

Multi-user Fix
Fixes 'Cannot apply to a multi user' for all selected objects.

Link Objects
Links selected objects. They must have the same number of polygons.

Select Linked
Selects objects connected to each other using the linked objects method.

Triangulation Modifier

Add | Update
Adds or updates an already applied triangulation modifier for all selected objects. Always sets the modifier to the end of the list. Remembers the last method.

Removes only the triangulation modifier from the selected objects.


Checks which of the selected objects has a scale other than the default one (XYZ = 1).

Checks which of the selected objects has a rotation other than the default one (XYZ = 1).

It checks which of the selected objects does not even have a single material.

Show FO
Shows face orientation.

Fix Normals
Recalculate normals: outside for all selected objects.

How to upgrade

Download the new version of the product.

Launch Blender, navigate to 'Edit->User Preference...->Add-ons', type 'batch' in the search box, the add-on will appear, click the small triangle beside the add-on to expand the contents, click the 'Remove' button to remove the add-on.
Install the new version of the product.

What's new ?


The initial version 0.9 provides a number of tools that work simultaneously for all selected objects, which was previously impossible.
The Batch Wizard should greatly speed up work with multiple objects.
However, this is just the beginning, I will be aiming for Batch Wizard to have more functionality that will make working on multiple objects simultaneously a pleasure.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
License GPL
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