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Your Supercharged Render Farm Replacement

Everything your render farm could do, but better (and for less $$$)

Every Blender artist deals with large renders. 

If you don’t want to buy your own expensive hardware, the best option is to use a render farm. While some farms make you pay per hour and others sell you credits, at some point you’ve probably wondered: “How much is the render farm taking off the top?” 

Skip the Middleman, Become Your own Render Farm with Barista

Barista is a new rendering tool that breaks the mold, giving you direct CPU & GPU rendering access using Amazon Web Services.

Render for as Little as $0.01 per Hour

  • No middleman = no extra costs. With Barista you get direct access to Amazon servers and become your own render farm. Render your blend files for the super low cost set by Amazon - the tool which farms use and charge you extra for

  • Run Blender while rendering. Since the rendering process runs on Amazon's servers, you can continue using Blender at any time during the rendering process.

  • Use any Blender custom builds. Render with the latest official release or any custom build like E-Cycles or the Fracture Modifier, as well as any other Linux 64-bit 2.7x or 2.8x build". 

  • Have full control over time and cost. With time budgeting and built-in cost calculations, you always know how much you’re going to spend.

Use Multiple Render Engines

  • Cycles

  • Blender Internal

  • Eevee New!

  • WorkBench New!

NVIDIA® GPU Rendering

  • Render remotely using GPU cores

  • GPUs powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® core technology

  • Use up to 8 GPUs per instance

Render any project

  • Packed Blends

  • Multi-File Archives

  • Single Frame Renders

  • Animations

  • Composite Renders

Use it on Any Platform

Linux / OSX / Windows

How does it work?

  1. To use Barista, you need to set up an Amazon AWS Account. It's a free and simple process. (We walk you through it in a video in the Documentation tab above.)

  2. Using your Amazon AWS account, Barista uploads your blend to Amazon S3, an industry-leading object storage service. Barista then creates Amazon EC2 servers to render your blend files and help you distribute the file and frames across multiple servers to render. 

  3. Once your render is done, preview your frames directly within the Barista. Done!

Important Steps Before you Launch Barista

Like Blender, Barista was created by users for users, offering an answer to the problem of using AWS directly for cloud-based rendering. While it does a lot to help you manage these renders, Barista does require a  basic understanding of AWS EC2. 

Because of this, AWS EC2 is explained thoroughly within the app and its documentation. Make sure to go over the documentation before you launch Barista: it’s the only way to ensure a smooth experience and efficient operation. In case of any questions, create a message below or contact BlenderMarket support.

The ultimate remote rendering tool for the Blender community

Thanks to Barista users, we are able to constantly improve the tool. Major updates are already in the works!

This is how we’ve recently made Barista better for you:

  • Custom Builds

  • GPU Rendering

  • Time-Based Budgeting

  • Custom EBS Volume Sizes

  • Fracture Modifier Support

  • Custom Frame List

  • File Output Node Support

  • Grouped Spot Requests

  • Scene, Samples, and Camera render options

  • Add-On Support for Renders

  • Animation Nodes Support (Beta)

Latest Release 1.5.1

Got questions? Follow Barista on Twitter @BaristaRender for latest updates