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Traditional rendering is expensive and time-consuming

Consider the money you spend each year to speed up your renders. Plus, how high is your electrical bill? 

Even if you don't have your own hardware, the costs in your time and electricity can run up to 100's of dollars per year.

With Barista, you can cut these costs drastically and finish renders quicker than ever.


Barista allows you to cut out the middleman and save money

Usually, rendering means you're paying a render farm to provide you with access to their servers. That means you have to cover the render farm's overhead costs - and pay a little extra on top.

With Barista, you cut out the render farm and go directly to the servers. Voilá - the whole process becomes a whole lot cheaper. 

Become your own virtual render farm 

No overhead cost that comes from a standard render farm! With Barista you get direct access to Amazon servers and render your blend files for the super low cost set by Amazon.

Get a free Amazon AWS account, download Barista, render faster and cheaper than ever

To use Barista, you need to set up an Amazon AWS Account. It's a free and simple process. We walk you through it in a video in the Documentation tab above.

Using your Amazon AWS account, Barista uploads your blend to Amazon S3, an industry-leading object storage service. 

Barista then creates Amazon EC2 servers to render your blend files and help you distribute the file and frames across multiple servers to render. 

Once your render is done, preview your frames directly within the Barista. Done!

Your own virtual render farm, zero hardware cost 

Render with the latest hardware and for a lower cost than any service out there. With other features like the Price Control and Auto Download, it's easy to incorporate Barista into your creative workflow.

Render in the background while using Blender

Since the rendering process runs on Amazon's servers, you can continue using Blender at any time during the rendering process.

15 Reasons to Make Barista Your Go-To Rendering Tool

1. Rendering using the Latest Hardware for any situation with CPU or GPU rendering at zero hardware cost

2. Cloud Storage/Management using Amazon S3 so you can do everything in one app

3. Cloud Server/Management through Amazon EC2 so you always know what's running, rendering, and what you're paying

4. OnDemand and Spot Instance Support: Automated Rendering with Spot Instance Servers

5. Spot Instance Servers allowing you to set your own price

6. Automatic Render Control ensures your render is complete when price bidding

7. Time Budgeting and Price Calculations allows you to keep your renders within your budget

8. Built-In Cloud File Management

8. Rendering with Blender 2.7, Blender 2.8, or your Own Custom Build

9. Choose your rendering engines:  Cycles, or Internal (2.7x)

10. Renders packed or Archived Render Projects using ZIP, tar, or gunzip

11. Render to Image or Video with Audio

12. Auto Download to folder on each frame

13. Tile rendering to split single frames between servers

14. Preview Frames straight from the cloud even when rendering

15. Support for OSX, Linux, and Windows 

Get Started with Barista today

Keep in mind that Amazon AWS account and internet access is required to run Barista. Like all Blender Market products, a 30-day money back guarantee applies. Please make sure to watch the video in section Documentation before you run Barista for the first time.

The proceeds from the sale of Barista go towards the development of new features, as well as making it easier for those new to Amazon Web Services.