Bald Eagle

by Junnichi Suko in Models

Update(February 14, 2019):Added material for Cycles and some animations were corrected.(BaldEagleNaturalScaleCyclesAnimCorrect)

This is a model tailored to Blender's unit.

The wingspan is about 2.5 m.

Blender2.79 file of 3D model and animations of a Bald eagle.

Low Poly:Polygons:3284 Vertices:5062 Super High Poly:Polygons:46606 Vertices:86091 

The feature of the Super high poly model is that it models all feathers.

The feature of the model is that it has a realistic proportion of the skeleton so that the pose folding feathers and the flapping animation is reproduced.

The flapping motion is not just a vertical motion but a three-dimensional motion of the humerus, ulna and metacarpals is reproduced.

The animation set has basic items that you can move freely within the game engine.

note:To use Root Motion with UE4, I need 3dsMax.

How to import to the game engine

Animation names are listed in the documentation.