Baga Grove - Evermotion

by antoine bagattini in Addons

This GeoPack, created in partnership with Evermotion, offers a refreshing twist on traditional scattering techniques.
Simply draw where you desire assets to be placed, no complex setup required.

○ Assets automatically arrange themselves to produce realistic groves, with smaller assets naturally situating at the edges and larger ones in the center.

○ Additionally, you have the ability to create and save your own Groves using the BagaPie GeoPack system.

○ Assets are automaticaly arranged, small assets go to grove border and big one stay in the center.
This way, it generate realistic composition vegetales.

○ YES, You can use your own assets. 

○ Select assets from the Asset Browser or in the 3D view, then on your surfaces, press J > Scatter (or Scatter from Asset Browser).

○ This is completly free, full tutorial HERE

○ Camera Culling: Improves performance by not rendering objects outside the camera's view.

○ Proxy: Uses simplified models for complex objects to speed up workflow.

○ Display only % of particles: Allows for smoother viewport navigation by displaying a reduced percentage of instances.

○ Avoid using this for extensive scattering; it's designed for foreground detail.

○ Understanding GeoPack is essential for creating custom groves.

○ For installation, first install BagaPie (FREE and included with BagaGrove).
Once installed, go to BagaPie preferences > GeoPack and set the asset storage location on your computer, if not already done.
Click on "install pack," select a BagaGrove volume, and upon completion, a library named after the pack will be available. You can then use BagaGrove by pressing V > BagaGrove and choosing a grove.

○ Note that you must select at least one surface to add a grove, but you can draw on any surface.


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