B4D Tools 1.4.2 (Mograph Tools In Blender)

by Byfenix in Modifier Setups

Is possible bake the animation made with B4D Tools?

Yes, it's possible as well with animations too, you have to do this:

  1. Active the Render Instances option.
  2. Export animation as alembic .abc with face sets option activated for material support.
  3. Import .abc on Blender.
  4. Bake animation (object>animation>bake action>visual keying to object).
  5. Export as .fbx
Is possible bake the mesh made with B4D Tools to static mesh?

Yes, it's possible, you have to do:

  1. Activate Render Instances Option in BCloner or Last Effector.
  2. Select the Object, and export the static mesh in any format that you like, for example, obj.
  3. Import .obj in Blender or your desired software.
B4D Tools work with Instances?

Yes, works as same as a object or asset.

An example video: https://youtu.be/EmJ5V5tKWNE

Is possible combine B4D Tools with MTKA Deformers Toolkit?

It's possible, you should only activate Render Instances before using any MTKA Deformers, or you can add a Geometry Nodes node where you apply Instances. This step is important to convert all instances into real geometry and so MTKA Deformers can work.

A small sample video: https://youtu.be/H0uCcc0apmk

Can you use the different Bcloners together?

Yes, it is also possible to combine the different cloners,

An example video: https://youtu.be/WisEk9wl6eQ

Is it an addon?

Yes! Addon and Asset Browser File Ready.

How to install it?

- Fast and easy installation => Check here: https://youtu.be/LpSC6QUAW78

Which version of blender is supported?

4.1.1 (Recomended) and above.

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