Aymulticharacter Kid

by Levonotion Studios in Models

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What is AYMultiCharacter Kid?

AYMultiCharacter Kid is a character-generating blender kit; that allows users to generate endless 3d animation-ready kid characters with a single click. AYKid generates male and female children with different outfit styles to mix and match.

Get real-time updates as you dynamically tweak and change the character's face, eyes size and placement, height, weight, nose shape, ear shape, lips shapes and placement, eyes color, skin color, etc. 

Product Variation

The character body change is the same for all variations, the only difference is the total number of base meshes, outfits, and props.

Update Library

AYKid is not limited to what it’s shipped with. Irrespective of the variation, you can easily grow and customize your library by adding more outfits, eyebrows, lashes, teeth, etc. The update feature makes it possible to remove or add meshes to the kit.


The randomization option will randomize most slider values to get a unique character every time. You can randomize all character’s features, face only, character physique, character color (which includes skin, hair, facial hair, and eyes), outfit only, outfit pattern, outfit bump, and outfit color. The randomized character can further be tweaked using the Character’s and Outfit’s Panels.


Procedural Textures

AYMultiCharacter Kid uses only procedural textures for patterns and bumps. Textures can be randomized, scaled, rotated, and moved to get an unlimited unique look every time.

Fully Rigged

AYMultiCharacter Kid is already rigged with Rigify; a powerful rigging system in Blender. You have nothing to worry about; generate your character and start animating.

Export Visible

With AYMultiCharacter kit, you can export as ".blender" and ".obj".

Export visible object to ".blender" is responsible for excluding hidden files and saving the visible meshes as a new blender file with the rig. You still have the functionality to further customize your character in the new blender scene.

Export visible object to ".obj" exports only visible generated character meshes to wavefront file format. This can be used in other software like Mixamo, Autodesk Maya, Unity, Unreal, Cinema 4d, and even back to Blender. This format doesn’t export with the rig or textures. Check out this video on “How To Bake Textures in Blender”.


AYMultiCharacter Kid does not need any installation. Buy, Download, Extract, and start generating your characters.


You have to adjust some outfits for penetration and protrusion. For instance "Neckwear" can be awkwardly placed on a "Top" if a "Jacket" is not visible.

You might have some weight paint issues, especially if the character is extremely big or small. Please report any issue you come across, and it will be fixed as soon as possible. 


Please leave a review! If you have ideas on how to make this kit better, or any other feedback, email info@levonotion.com. 


Version 1.0:
Initial release

Version 1.1:
Fbx export support for all variation.
Fbx animation bake for Standard kit and Complete kit.
Change neck length
Change head size
Fixed Weight Paint and Shape Keys

Version 1.2:
Works with Blender 4.0

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Sales 10+
Customer Ratings 1
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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, rigged
License Royalty Free
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