Aymulticharacter Female

by Levonotion Studios in Models

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  • margotblender
    4 months ago

    Don't buy this package. I have the full option but a lot of problems to solve. If you don't want a skinny character, the program gives trouble. And if you want to use Mixamo, the meshes deforms and is not useable if you don't do a lot of workarounds. Retargetting is almost impossible because the delivery Rig is very complex. The help from Levonotion is not in line with the promises of this package. And the same critics I have for the Male package that unfortunately I bought too. And refunds are no option for Levonotion!

    • Levonotion Studios

      4 months ago

      "Honestly, I like your package but I only run into problems when using it because I want to add motioncaps to it. Adding a Mixamo animation to the Rigify character doesn’t work and rigging in Mixamo give mesh and eye problems."

      The above statement was sent to us by this buyer.

      We have two pages of chats trying to fix the problems reported by this buyer. There are four major problems reported, and only one is related to our product.

      1. Our product doesn't export to .fbx for 4.0.
      -At the time this was reported, 4.0 wasn't part of the supported "Blender versions" on the product page. We've fixed this and it now works with 4.0.

      2. The eyes and glasses don't show transparency after ".fbx export".
      -We told the buyer to change the object material settings from "Opaque" to "Alpha Blend"

      3. "Object > Relations > Make Library Override" in one of our video tutorials wasn't found.
      -We told the buyer it's new location. Blender changed the location to "Object >Make Library Override > Make" in 4.0 series.

      4. Adding a motion cap from Mixamo to the Rigify rig doesn't work.
      -We told the buyer this can only be done by retargeting.

      AYMultiCharacter is a Rigify rigged character-generating Kit. How you animate your generated character is up to you.

  • Michael Schmeling
    about 1 year ago

    I purchased the starter kit and I am very satisfied with the product. The base mesh is good, also the rig is very good. It is worth mentioning that, although the textures are procedural, the model has full UVs, so you can use your own hand-painted textures if you wish.
    The support is good - there was a problem with saving the model to a blend file, which required some back and forth with emails. The replies were always in a timely manner, and the problem was fixed.

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
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