Ava - Beautiful Female Character

by BGShop in Models

Meet beautiful female character made in Blender

This is high quality female model with animation friendly topology. The model has perfect edge loops based topology with rational polygons count. Perfect anatomy and skin shading makes this model good for closeup render. Also, you can use displacement modifier to create high quality detail, suitable for use in broadcast, film, presentation, cut scenes, advertising, etc.

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Polygon 11,911 polys (without subdiv)

Hair particle type


Total 12 png files with 4K (4096x4096) resolution for DIffuse Map, Specular Map, Normal Map divided into 4 part (Head, Body, Arm and Leg)

1 32 bit EXR for Displacement Map


Ava using Blender rigify function, so you just need to click "Reload Trusted" at the top of Blender Window bar when you open the file, or,

go to "User Preference > File" and click "Auto Run Python Scripts"  so you don't need to click "Reload Trusted" everytime you open the file.

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  • 4cc7c1e2e97ab5d8865769cece48045b

    retas 5 months ago

    excellent girl model. I like this.
    as well as, useful to reference for modeling.

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