Auto Bake: Texture Baker & Exporter

by Tsybe in Addons

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  • Zac
    about 2 months ago

    I had a wonderful experience with the plugin itself. It's easy to use, it's saved me the hassle of having to one by one bake each texture. I don't have to worry about the different settings needed for specific maps either since the plugin handles all of it. The creator has also be extremely helpful when I had questions about baking multiple objects onto one texture map. Although it wasn't it a feature yet, after our conversation they've since added that very feature! Great plugin, would highly recommend making the purchase!

  • Antoine Dupuis
    about 2 months ago

    Does exactly what I expected it to do, perfect, thanks.

  • Filippo
    2 months ago

    Well set up and super convenient. Saves me a stack of time.

  • Cedric Steiert
    2 months ago

    The auto bake addon is truly a masterpiece. It works like a charm, has a really great sorted ui for settings and does a lot of things unlike other bake addons out there. It really is a time and life saver for baking large quantities of texture maps with complex material setups. At first i was hestitant to pay for such addons, however i'm really glad i did :)

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Published 4 months ago
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