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  • Alex
    about 1 month ago

    There's not much to say other than this addon works exactly how I expected it to, if you're hesitating on getting, don't worry, it's worth it

  • Dom
    about 2 months ago

    This is a follow-on from endorsing Amandeep's other Add-on 'Modifier Shortcut' - It says:
    "If time is the most precious thing we have then I'm all in for making the tedious more efficient. Better still is when it's elegant. "One of those emails" dropped by and what a thing! Amandeep you are a star! This is super sexy as is your other - Auto Highlight in Outliner - dare I say it here sexier. The two - for under $7 - is a no brainer, leaving the base developers to merrily go about their bit without hassle. Can you tell I love this community?!! If you're reading this DON'T THINK TWICE! You can mess with the NUMPAD 0 for locating objects in outliner or fettle with the Mod search for bending twisting... but why when these do it for you?Thank you Amandeep :)"

  • Jon
    about 2 months ago

    This addon is totally indispensable if you are working with larger files or kitbash blend files from other people. Saves you a ton of time.

  • Brandon
    3 months ago

    This simple addon is a game changer. Im shocked this isnt in Blender already. However this is a much needed addon for your workflow.

  • Matthew Goodsell
    3 months ago

    Currently working on a large complex project, and within 5 minutes of installing this addon it has been added to my "can't use Blender without it" list.
    This should be default behavior in Blender.

  • Alex Furer
    3 months ago

    Thank you. This is a great timesaver. How is this not standard in Blender?

  • Nerthazul
    3 months ago

    Yeah this is the selection behaviour that should have been the blender default (or at least an option).

  • R.Y
    3 months ago

    Very useful addon!

  • Steve Warner
    3 months ago

    It took a whole 10 seconds to realize that this addon improves your Blender experience 1000%. Yes, you can select an object in the 3D viewport and press . to find it in the outliner. But on a scene of any remote complexity, this becomes unreasonable. This addon is worth every cent. Should this functionality be in Blender by default? Of course. But until it is, this addon is a no-brainer investment that will save you time and frustration. Highly recommended.

  • Andries
    3 months ago

    Wow what a lovely change to how I work, absolutely necessary, no more extra unnecessary clicks and buttons. Thank you!

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