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Creases on not working with Blender 3.6

The attribute crease changed name between 3.6 and 4.0. You have to go in the Config menu and change the create attribute name from crease_edge to crease

Is the $20 tier the entire addon with the AutoBase feature and the higher tiers just have premade assets? Or do the higher tiers have functions in the addon that the $20 doesn't?

The Standalone add-on already have all the features, including the Auto-Base. The others are just assets indeed. (originally only the Full version had AutoBase and there was no Standalone version, I changed that to make it more fair)

I can make my own custom parts and use them to make buildings with this correct? Meaning I'm not restricted to the presets?

Actually that's the whole point of this add-on, simplify building making ^^
With the add-on alone you can use it to make buildings. You just have to provide your own building parts and materials. Which is recommended even if you have the presets. I made this tool to make the process of building design easier mainly.

Are future updates free upon purchase of this addon or would there be future payments as well?

Yes future update will be available for free. But new building presets will only be available for the Full version. And perhaps one new for the Lite version from time to time. But all the version contains the add-on with all the features in it.

My object turns black or lose UV sometimes.

If your objects turn black while using Deform or Realize Instances. it maybe because there is a weird UV map name in it. Please only the generic name: UVMap

It crashes when installing.

It doesn't work on Blender version older than 3.6

The Booleans are not working.

Make sure the setup is correct in the Config menu. The ID_Boolean set there should match with the one assigned on your objects. In version 1.2 of the tool, a Removed Duplikcated button as been introduced to do the clean up for you :)

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