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  • Fabian
    11 days ago

    love it!!! it makes working with the library much more pleasant. At first I only wanted to give 4 because of the lack of top down perspective. But at that moment I realized that I could also turn off the presets and use my own camera perspective (in case anyone needs the info). So here are your deserved 5 stars

  • MeiU
    13 days ago

    I really like this addon!!!
    It can handle all the resource rendering at once and add them to the asset library,
    which is really convenient.

    Moreover, the introductory documentation is simple and easy to understand🥹🤍
    It only took me a few minutes to grasp how to operate this addon after purchasing it!

  • Guido
    13 days ago

    It does not work.
    Sometimes a few previews get rendered, mostly it just crashes.
    And it should make my asset library easily. But it's easier to not use this addon.

    • Casey Sheep

      13 days ago

      Hello, many users are using this addon, and I haven't encountered any customers with the same issues as you.
      If you have any questions about the operation or functions of this addon, please feel free to message me. I'm happy to help users solve their problems. Crashes are likely due to incorrect operations, using the wrong version, or issues with your computer's hardware performance.

      However, it seems that you didn't contact me before leaving this review 😓

      If you are simply dissatisfied and want a refund, you can contact me within 30 days of purchase to get a refund. Thank you 💖

  • Alexander
    about 1 month ago

    Simple, Fast, Delicious :)

  • Robert Green
    2 months ago

    This has turned out to be quite useful for me. Being able to create a batch of product thumbnails at one time saves a ton of time! For any newbies out there, don't be afraid to try and experiment with different backdrop colors, as well as light radius and power strength.

  • Colin A Emch-Wei
    3 months ago

    Intensely useful and thoughtfully designed.

  • De Etta L Ewing
    3 months ago

    Finally found time give this addon a try. Terrific. Great documentation to get one started. Especially like the ALB N-panel also located in the Asset Browser!
    -Already used the "set Origin to Bottom" button and added to my Quick Favs- Thx!

  • Jim
    3 months ago

    This is just what I needed and it works like a charm, very easy to understand.
    The only thing I'm not a fan of is the big block on top of my asset library, now I have to scroll down. But the time it saves me more than makes up for it.

    • Casey Sheep

      3 months ago

      Hi, thank you for your rating.
      Please download the latest version 2.0.4. In this version, you can disable the interface of this addon at the top of the asset library in Addon Preferences.

  • Jela331
    3 months ago


  • Novaplus
    3 months ago

    I have finally discovered a gem that will save me time. Thank you so much! I hope the addon deserves to sell a lot

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