Asset Version And Branch Control

by Clay Of Man in Addons

! This addon is currently on standby for a rewrite, I have been unfortunately busy with life events these last few months and have been unable to keep up with updating my addons. I currently cant guarantee this addon will work for 3.5+ but do plan on fixing and maintaining it in the future.

This addon is built for anyone that wants to professionally manage file versions in blender without all the headache of dealing with file renaming, switching placed objects in scenes manually and keeping track of what changes were made in every version.

Styled after git and built with production in mind this addon takes care of it all for versioning and forks with automatic renaming, file structure and push controls.

Versions allow you to iterate files without the risk of damaging work already in the production pipeline.

Pushed or Running files give a definite filepath to your assets, allowing every scene that uses your object to use the most up to date version, or rollback every object when required

Automatic renaming means that every file is clearly marked and no confusion is present between versions (I know I did this a ton! version A1, V3, V.005, the nightmares this avoids)

A flexible File structure system means that this addon can easily incorporate into most present production file structures with no problem.

Integration with Asset Switcher means that regardless of your assets location in production you can switch between all versions and branches with the press of a button.

Video Demonstration:

Fun fact, this addon started in its early stages in 2020 when I led an online group of 30 people in attempting to make an animation and having to write a large instructional book on animation production methods and guidelines, it started with the first version of my production tracking addon that is to be released soon!

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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