Asset Switcher

by Clay Of Man in Addons

! This addon is currently on standby for a rewrite, I have been unfortunately busy with life events these last few months and have been unable to keep up with updating my addons. I currently cant guarantee this addon will work for 3.5+ but do plan on fixing and maintaining it in the future.

Asset switcher is an addon that allows for the switching of linked assets in an intuitive and straightforward way for flexibility of scene creation and layout.

Currently Asset Collections are not supported for switching to/from, Version 0.9.2 will be a full addon re-write to accommodate collections

One keypress and you can switch out any object for any asset which gets library overridden, reparented and inherits any other data you choose.

This addon also uses the Asset data generated by the Asset Version and Branch Control addon to display versions of your assets no matter where they are in your production structure, even if they aren't in your asset library.

As this addon is in alpha expect a lot of updates and upgrades, as well as a slight price increase when the addon reaches its full release.

Current Version: 0.9.0 Alpha

Future Features:

Planned forĀ 0.9.1 Alpha:

  • Support for switching in collection assets
  • support for switching children of collection assets

Rewrite of Addon for better Collection support, current API has a lot of limitations.

Planned for 0.9.2 Alpha:

  • Asset scaling via bounding box
  • Asset placement via bounding box

Planned for 0.9.3 Alpha:

  • Automatic switching to overridden object when appending objects and collections
  • Option to automatically unparent and lib override linked objects from a collection asset

Planned for 1.0.0 Full Release:

  • Unknown Bug fixes

Long term feature ideas:

  • option to switch mesh and data of object instead of replacing object
  • randomize asset rotation in given axis
  • randomize placement of objects ontop of source object bounding box
  • expose picture of chosen asset? (API may not allow)
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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