Photorealistic Switches And Outlets Pack

by CMYK Renders in Models

How do I use these models?

     -To use these models, go to to File > Append (SHIFT + F1) and choose the appropriately named object group in the "Group" folder of the .blend file. 

What about materials?

     -To use the materials, repeat the process, but choose the appropriate materials in the "Materials" folder of the .blend file.

Are these render ready?

     -Yes! Just add the groups and materials and you're set! Just note that you may want to adjust the subdivision level of the objects depending on your desired level of detail. It's also recommended that if you're using the low-poly models to leave them on flat shading.

---Technical information---

High-detail polycounts:

     -Combined total (unsubdivided): 25,204 faces. Highest count in set: 3,126

     -Combined total (level 2 (recommended) subdivision surface): 413,276 faces. Highest count in set: 50,024

Low-poly polycounts:

     -Combined total: 5,112 faces. Highest count in set: 448