Aqua - Ocean And River

by Animander in Addons

AQUA - River and Ocean 1.0

An addon for creating procedurally animated oceans and rivers. Powered by geometry nodes, simply draw curves and the river or ocean shoreline will follow the shape that was drawn. Everything is animated procedurally with drivers with the geometry nodes and shader nodes, no simulation involved. 


Draw a curve along the shape of your shoreline to generate the ocean with waves flowing into the shore. Foam interacts with the shoreline and with objects placed within the water. Adjust the depth of the water as well as how far it stretches out to sea. Control wave size and noise strength, foam strength, water density and colour. 


Generate a river object along a drawn curve with directionally flowing water. Procedurally generated rocks with full control over size, density, and dispersion, or use custom rock models. Control river width and depth, noise scale, colour, and water density. 

See documentation page for detailed description.