Any Hair Any Mesh - Hair Utilities

by Rudra in Addons

A one click solution for transferring hairs from one mesh to another mesh without artifacts or time wasting.

23/4/2023- Update V1.2 - 1) Now you have option to transfer only selected hair from the active mesh

                                             2) Now it can transfer hairs while keeping old hairs (Note- It needs you to select one extra mesh to avoid artifacts)

14/7/2022- Update V1.1 - 1) Now all features are available in pie menu [shortcut (Shift+Alt+q)]

                                             2) New pie menu for particle editing brushes added [shortcut (Shift+Alt+q) only in particle edit mode]

This addon is packed with many time saving tools for transferring hair from one mesh to another mesh.


Apply Rot Scale- Apply rotation and scale of any mesh with hairs without destroying the hair grooms.

Transfer Hair- Copy all hairs from active object to all selected objects in one click . (Origin and transform should be matching)

Match Origin- Set the origin (Pivot point) of the selected objects to the active object's origin in one click (Pivot point)

Bald Head- Remove all hairs from selected objects in one click.

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