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This is a "seamless" texture:

Seamless images are great, until you scale them up 5 times and you can see the repeating pattern.
All seamless textures have this flaw. 


Anti-tile is a one-click addon for instantly removing tiling from an image!

Bad Texture?

Turn a bad texture into a good one with 1 click

Want to change the image?

Simply remove Anti-tile, change the image as desired and then reapply!

PBR workflow

Add anti-tile to multiple images and maintain mapping across all of them in 1 click, PBR anti-tiling has never been easier.

Simple Controls

-Shift: Displace the procedural blending until it looks best.
-Random: Randomize blending, layout and mapping

Triple layer procedural based blending

Anti-tile uses per object random and advanced procedural blending to give you perfect results every-time. 

Same object, same results:

Worried about normal maps not lining up with diffuse maps? Anti-tile, provides a same object, same mapping policy. Same random + same shift = same mapping.

Same material, different results:

Anti-tile automatically applies randomized mapping for each object, even with the same material.

What you get:

  • Anti-tile Addon
  • User Manual
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Good karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)

Update Log:

Eevee v1.4:

  • Bug fix that was stopping Anti-Tile from functioning inside 2.80 due to API change.
  • Better packaging
  • Documentation update

v1.5 / Eevee v1.3:

  • Anti-tile can now be applied inside node groups regardless of depth (node group inside nodegroup).
  • Bug causing console errors when deleting object now fixed
  • Better node group removal using native garbage collection

v1.4 / Eevee v1.2:

  • Major bug fix, duplicated anti-tile materials can now be removed without unlinking node group from other materials.
  • Updated description, moved panel to correct tab in 2.8
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Super Texture support!

v1.3 / Eevee v1.1:

Anti-tile now will connect texture coordinates automatically when applying anti-tile to a texture. Previously many people did not initially connect texture coordinates which caused textures to not display after Anti-tile was applied. Anti-tile now takes care of everything behind the scenes :)

Blender 2.8 Eevee Full Support:

Get Fantastic looking textures in seconds with the new real-time render engine in Blender 2.8

- Polling bug fix
- Neater node layout
- Texture blending debug output: Determine exactly how triple layer texture blending works on your object! No more guessing!

- Uniform texture mapping: Set the same mapping for multiple images on the same material, update only 1 field to set all of them!

v1.1Added multiple image selection support. Simply select 1 or more images and convert them all at once. Same applies for removing anti-tiling!