ANIMAX - Procedural animation system

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ANIMAX is a procedural animation system for Blender. Useful for animating multiple objects. It allows you to create complex animations that are hard to achieve using Blender's built in animation tools.


You may ask yourself: Why should i use this plugin?

The short answer is: because you can get some professional looking animations, with a very little effort, in a very short time.

The workflow is straightforward, just choose an effect (or make your own), play with the parameters and the timing, and you have your animation ready, no math or programing required.

If you are a motion graphics artist, then ANIMAX would be a great addition to your arsenal.


  • 15 different effects to choose from + the custom mode to create your own effects.
  • Ease of use, a simple UI and a straightforward workflow.
  • Tools for splitting/shattering a mesh object into pieces.
  • Convert the procedural animation to keyframes.
  • The animation is procedural, but it's possible to keyframe a lot of parameters for more complex animations.
  • And much more… 

The limitations

ANIMAX isn't an all in one solution for all your animations scenarios, because it's designed for some specific animation types, if you want a more complete tool check out  Animation nodes.

  • When using ANIMAX you can animate a limited number of objects (2000 objects, with 3-5 fps in my computer), a stronger computer will not help a lot, do to the nature of Python.
  • The add-on relies on a Python library "Numpy", which is bundled with the official Blender builds, but not with the daily builds.
  • You can Bake (convert to keyframes) only one group of objects at a time.
  • You can control only the (loc, rot, scale) of the objects.

Change Log (The latest version is 1.3.0)

V 1.3.0 - Video demo

  •  Presets system for the Custom mode, you can save, load, and share your custom presets.
  • Convert the procedural animation to a single animated object using Shape Keys. It's pretty much the same method used in the awesome add-on Animation Joiner.
  • Now it's possible to animate the different properties without disabling the Interactive mode.

V 1.2.1

  •  bug fix: incorrect baking results when the objects are parented.

V 1.2.0 - Video demo

  •  Object Picker: To quickly pick an object.
  •  The possibility to change the location of the add-on's Panel (Tool Shelf, Properties).
  • Pushing the objects away (Custom mode, Transformers effect).
  • Local Rotation (Custom mode, Copy animation effect).
  • The possibility to sort a single direction.

V 1.1.0 - Video demo

  •  3 New Effects (Collapse, Rain, Elastic).
  •  9 New easing types.
  •  A new parameter (Offset) for the Spiral effect.


A big THANK YOU to:
Jacques Lucke Pratik Solanki Sean Kennedy

A written documentation is included.

And here is a playlist to answer the FAQ (requested by the customers).

I can't install / it's not working.

First make sure that you are using the latest stable release, daily builds and 2.8 branch are not supported.

You will find the installation instructions in the Manual.
Do not extract the zip file, just install it as is.

For MAC OS users the zip file might be extracted automatically after the download, in this case compress the folder "ANIMAX" to a zip file, then follow the instructions in the Manual.

How to transition from a group of objects to another?

Some effects are better for transition like (Shoot, Popcorn, Zigzag, Sparks II, Streaks, Custom...etc)

It's not really morphing from an object to another, but it's an illusion, to make it work the most important aspect is timing.

Here is a video in how to do it.

How to use ANIMAX with the cell fracture add-on?
How to apply multiple effects/transitions to the same group?

There are several ways to do so:

  1.  By keyframing the Time parameter
  2.  By keyframing the In/Out parameter and the start frame.
  3.  Baking.

And for multiple effects in a row, just keyframe the Effects dropdown menu.

Here is a video in how to do it.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 10 ratings by the community.

  • Acce27a4b7b29c06f944e7ca3b016450

    Tristan Garner 3 months ago

    Great time saver. Prompt and helpful support.

  • Cf10538d5d3e4eefeb9c06e6e682cc4c

    mishecks 5 months ago

    Good, simple and straight forward animation tool. Thumbs up!

  • 123c8a5dd17086cb984c290928d659ea

    Josh 10 months ago

    Awesome. Easy to understand, but powerful and flexible enough to get very unique results. Still experimenting to find all the possibilities. Had some crashes while rendering but baking the animations to keyframes seems to have solved that.

  • F2c261f833471fe976a06c3dbc2b3114

    Coverop 10 months ago

    This little addon is great If you want to create a nice text animation for your video/presentation.

    It may not be perfect but It's a good start.

  • C019d2d5e07f149b3324a1d3aa19e8e6

    Jennifer Porteous 11 months ago

    Easy to achieve impressive effects. Good documentation too.

  • F7ac21f152c875a5d308328337adbf93

    dogcatbeamgmailcom 11 months ago

    Simple to use. Glad I got it.

  • E6ab73a282b5484b6002495120d190c3

    estudio-gunga 11 months ago

    Easy to use and happy to see it being updated!

    One thing I would love to see as a feature (although don't know if it is intended to be used that way) is to be able to use it for some motion graphics. A bit like the Commotion addon.

    Cheers :)

    • Thumb

      Monaime Zaim 11 months ago

      Thanks for rating, if you mean animating the Shape keys, then Yes it's not intended to do so (at least for the time being).

  • 819d10fbc108bb9b0805070df4cbf32b

    Brano 11 months ago

    One of my favorites. Easy to use and powerful results!

    • Thumb

      Monaime Zaim 11 months ago

      Thanks, I'm glad to hear that!

  • C4f9084556f0c748189aca6d67a2dd50

    Zacharias Reinhardt 11 months ago

    I totally love it, very simple to use and great results in no time. Thank you!

    • Thumb

      Monaime Zaim 11 months ago

      Thank you Zacharias! I'm glad you like it.

  • 1239e450d1d414da8c99382404a755c0

    Andreas Leiner about 1 year ago

    Well done. Easy to use with good results. A good way for quick animation.

    • Thumb

      Monaime Zaim about 1 year ago

      Glad you like it!

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