Animation Tools

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Animation Tools is a set of tools to help streamline several common tedious animation tasks, and overall improve your workflow and productivity.


new features added by request:

  • customize pie menu hotkey in the addon preferences
  • "Clean Keyframes" function now has a toggle to enable also running blender's built-in decimate function at the same time. 
  • "Set Keyframe Interval" function now has a dropdown menu allowing you to choose the interpolation type of the created keyframes, instead of defaulting to "constant"
  • Addon panel is now also accessible from the graph editor window.

Push Key frames

Push or pull selected key frames for individual fcurves along the timeline by any set interval of your choice. Selected key frames are pushed from the current frame forward, or pulled back towards the current frame. Keys set before the current frame are un-effected. You can also set an upper thresh-hold to not effect keys beyond a set frame limit. 

Move Key frames to set Frame

Move selected key frames to the current frame, or toggle "use frame number" to move selected keys to the specified frame. 

Add Keyframe Value

Add a specific value to the selected keyframes for precise edits on multiple keyframes at once. 

Clean Keyframes

Remove redundant keyframes. If there are a series of keyframes in a row that all have the same value, this tool will remove all of the extra keyframes and keep only the first and last. you can also optionally choose to run blender's built-in decimate function as well, to clean up extra keyframes along curves. 

Set Keyframe Interval

Iterates through the entire scene of a selected bone or object and sets stepped keyframes at the specified interval. Great for setting your timing to 2s, 3s, whatever interval you desire! You can now also choose to set an interpolation type on the keyframes instead of only setting to constant.

Loop Selected

Loops selected keyframes any set number of times. Note that the last frame of your selection will be overriden by the first frame of the loop, so to get a proper loop they should be identical.


Select all Curves

Select all fcurves, keyframes, and handles for the selected object or bone. Many of the tools included in this addon require all fcurves to be selected to work properly. Normally you can only select curves from the graph editor, or keyframes from the timeline or dopesheet, but this a handy button to make that selection directly from the 3d viewport.

Copy Bone Position

This tool will copy the selected bone's position from the current frame, to all frames in the set range. Great for correcting things like sliding feet, or locking a position in place over a set period of time.


Keyframe all Bones

This tool will set keyframes on all selected bones at every frame that any one of those bones already has a keyframe on, so that all bones share keyframes on the same frames. 

Reset Bones

This button resets selected bones back to their default position. Rather than having to search through the pose menu or setting it to quick favorites, the option is available here as well.

Flip Pose

Flip a selected pose at the press of a button, just select all bones and run this tool. This requires all bones to have correct side indicator suffixes (.L/.R, _L/_R, etc)


Constrain Objects to Bones

Constrain objects to a selected bone with a button click. First select your mesh object and hit "set object". Then select your desired target bone in pose mode and hit "set constraint".

Motion Paths

Quick access to blender's built-in motion path tools, rather than going to the object data or bone tab, they can be accessed here.

Onion Skin

Set onion skinning on your mesh object. Set the number of frames before and after, and customize colours. Note that highly detailed objects and/or a wide range of frames may impact viewport performance. 

Pie Menu

Many of these tools are available in a pie menu, accessed with the "e" hotkey in object  or pose mode in the viewport. This hotkey can be customized in the addon preferences. 

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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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