Animation Layers

by Tal Hershko in Addons

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  • Josaphat Soekahar
    about 1 month ago

    Must have. Sure blender have NLA, but this make the workflow closer to Maya's Animation Layer.

  • slavko
    3 months ago

    I've been using this for about a year I guess. Can be great for small tweaks but absolutely useless in a mid-scale projects since this addon's behavieour is really unpredictable. Especially when it comes to work with linked libraries then addon becomes absolutely useless, unfortunately. Saved a lot of hours in a small tasks, and brought a lot of head ache in bigger projects. It seems like many features this addon has don't work in a way they supposed to.

    • Tal Hershko

      3 months ago

      Hi, Thanks for the feedback. If you run into issues, then feel free to report to me via Blendermarket's contact creator, or the discord channel. If you are using Blender 4.1 then there were issues coming from Blender that are now fixed in 4.1.1
      Make sure you also update the addon via the auto-updater.
      Regarding linked libraries I just know that the rig files should be clean from layers and nla strips, otherwise they will always appear in the animation files. I'm not aware of other issues related to linked libraries.

  • jordal
    4 months ago

    Very useful, thanks. I recommend for animators.

  • yuri
    6 months ago

    this is awesome

  • Brad
    7 months ago

    I haven't worked with it a lot yet but so far I am really liking this addon. Having a traditional stop motion background in animation makes it feel almost like I'm cheating.

  • Ace
    11 months ago

    Really great. Once you use animation layers, you'll never stop using them. One thing I found that worked odd however was slowing the animation down or speeding up. That only seems to work properly in the nla editor.

    • Tal Hershko

      10 months ago

      Hi, Thanks for the nice feedback! If you run into any issue feel free to report me via the contact creator option.

  • Carlos Barreto
    11 months ago

    That is a great addon that helps a lot on creating and editing animations

  • Jan van den Hemel
    about 1 year ago

    This is a must-have add-on if you're doing any animation work in Blender. It's also very easy to master - you just turn it on, add a layer, turn on auto-keyingm and do your adjustments. That's all! So easy. It turns animation in Blender from something scary into something fun. I can't recommend it enough.

  • derek
    about 1 year ago

    To those who come from Maya this is a must-have!!
    Blender does have the NLA editor but Animation Layers makes the who'll process of laying animation more streamlined and less confusing.
    Now all we need is animbot for Blender and animation will be 30X times easier.!!!

  • Henrik Cederblad
    about 1 year ago

    One of the must-haves. Brings a feature that is similar to Animation Layers in Maya to the comfortable world of Blender.

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