Animated Yellow Snake

by Dibia Digital in Models

All textures are packed into the blend files.

The default render engine is eevee but you can switch to cycles if that is your preference. 

Additional pbr textures are provided for use in Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Hdri used in scene set up has been replaced with a placeholder image. You can either swap the placeholder image with your preferred hdri image or with the original free hdri used in scene set up through the link provided in the text document.

A total of 4 blend files are included in the package. They comprise of 2 rigged and 2 animated models. 

In case you want to make your own poses and animation, two types of rigs are provided. The FK rig has two bone chains joined in the middle of the model, which enable you to conveniently create quick poses. The IK rig comprise of a single bone chain running from the neck to the tail, with the head bone attached to the root of the body bone chain. 

The jaw bone is the child of the head bone while the tongue bones are parented to the jaw bone. This enables you to constrain and animate the snake along a spline/path, while animating the head, jaw and tongue bones independently.

Spline/path setup is not provided.

Photoshop CS6 layered texture map template is provided for those who would like to modify the colours.

The first animated model has all the in-place animation stitched together in one file. The second model is made up of a single crawl-forward animation.

Complete animation list is provided below for those who would like to export individual animation to game engines.



Crawl_01----------------------------240- 308

Crawl_02---------------------------- 309-377

Crawl_03---------------------------- 378-446

Crawl_04---------------------------- 447-515 

Death_01---------------------------- 635-724

Death_02---------------------------- 725-814

Death_03---------------------------- 815-904

Death_04---------------------------- 905-994




Idle_01---------------------------- 1091-1209

Idle_02---------------------------- 1210-1328

Idle_03---------------------------- 1329-1447

Idle_04---------------------------- 1448-1566

Idle_05---------------------------- 1567-1685

Idle_06---------------------------- 1686-1805

Idle_07---------------------------- 1806-1925

Strike_01-------------------------- 1926-1974

Strike_02-------------------------- 1975-2023

Strike_03-------------------------- 2024-2062

Strike_04-------------------------- 2063-2101

Strike_05-------------------------- 2102-2133

Turn_Left_01--------------------- 2135-2185

Turn_Left_02--------------------- 2186-2235

Turn_Right_01-------------------- 2236-2296

Turn_Right_02-------------------- 2297-2357

Crawl_Forward_01----------------- 2-511

Animation Frame rate: 30fps

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81
License Royalty Free
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