Animal Busts: Arctic

by Ekard Studios in Models

Over 30 cute arctic animals.

I originally created these animal busts while my wife was expecting our first kid. These were designed with the intention to render and print these out on canvas. I'm sure there is other use for them so that is why I am making them available. Obviously not all these animals live in the arctic but they were inspired by this project.

What you get:

You get all the .blend files optimized for the asset browser so you can easily drag and drop one of these animals into your scene. 

The pack includes: beluga whale, arctic fox, arctic hare, husky, snow leopard baby, snow leopard adult, narwhal baby, narwal adult, orca, arctic owl baby, arctic owl adult, Adelie penguin, magellanic penguin, baby penguin, chinstrap penguin, emperor penguin, penguin generic, gentoo penguin, king penguin, Rockhopper penguin, polar bear baby, polar bear adult, puffin, reindeer baby, reindeer adult, seal baby, elephant seal, harbor seal, harp seal, ribbon seal, ringed seal, walrus, toon polar bear, toon penguin, toon fox.

Before you buy

Unlike my other products, these are NOT made with Geometry Nodes (I made these before geo nodes even existed). They are made of meshes, modifiers, and curves. These models were made with the primary intention of being rendered head on. They are not optimized to be viewed from different angles—but you are welcome to tweak the models to meet your needs.

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