Analog Wall Clock

by R55 Digital Media in Models

This is a Blender model of a traditional analogue wall clock.

I have modelled this clock with a traditional roman numeral face. The best part about the clock is the customisation options meaning it can be set to any time. But, here's the killer blow - You DON'T need any keyframes to make it tick and the time to move!!!

Options wise, you can also set the speed in FPS. Matching the speed to the speed of your animation will make the clock run in realtime. Setting a slower speed will make time run faster. A higher speed will slow time down. This is because the rate that time moves is linked to the keyframes. Having a speed of 2 means that every 2 keyframes one second will pass. Having the speed at 500 means every 500 keyframes one second will pass.

You can also affect the second-hand movement from a smooth turn to a 'tick' effect. Or hide the second-hand object altogether.

This is a great wall clock that once added to your scene means you have an extra level of realism. People can see time passing by without you having to do anything. (Apart from setting the options.)

This wall clock is available on Blender Market for the bargain price of $10

The technical details are

Verts: 18 734

Faces: 18 303

Tris: 37 230

Get it and add it to your scenes and crank up your realism!

Happy Blending.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.82
License Royalty Free
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