Alxoverhaul - Simplify Blender

by Valeria Bosco in Addons

Unlocked Modes

Auto Pose-mode:

selecting any object affected by an armature modifier with an armature assigned will allow to select the respective armature of the active object make it part of the selection and automatically switch into pose mode with only one click

Auto WeightPaint-mode:

allows to skip the need to manually select the armature and affected object in order, with no need anymore to turn off lock-object-modes, and

automatically enters weight paint mode as if it was done manually, it also maintains focus on the armature in the property tab as the object selection is isolated from the actual outliner selection

Object Isolate/Collection Isolate:

recreates a feature often found in other softwares that allows to isolate in terms of visibility the currently selected object,

it is done in a manner of [ Isolate | Show All ] when it comes to the UI to allow it to be independent from user selection as instead of outliner visibility, the object viewport visibility is changed

and is similarly done for collections, but as the name says instead of hiding everything else that is not the selection, it hides every other collection that does not contain the selected object

Cleaning/Symmetry Operators:

Clean Vertex Groups has been temporerily removed due to a small chance of file corruption during the freeze after the operator has been launched

Clean VxGroups has resulted in severe freezes, there should be a consideration of personal hardware before use, the cap may vary but a recommended limit for ryzen 5 CPUs is 50-70k Vertex Per Model, Proper Use on denser models is not to be expected unless Personal Hardware allows and may result in a Crash with subsequent loss of unsaved data, or a permanent freeze requiring Blender to be Force Closed

Symmetric IK results may vary depending on Bone Roll relative to the local Z axis and may impact said result but there shouldn't be need to change anything unless clear visible issues are present, the IK has to be created on the left of the character, the suggested rotation is for the arms local z to point down and legs local z to point out to the sides of the character, the operator clones not only the constraint but also clones and mirrors it's options, together with IK limits being cloned an mirrored not just for the bone with the IK itself but the entire chain affected by each IK

Auto Assign Armature:

allows to assign any mesh within selection to first armature found within said selection

Single VxGroup - Assign every vertex of selected meshes to the specified group name (Text Box in the lower bottom of the pop up)

Should Parent - As the name suggests , whether or not the objects should be parented to the armature object, yet it does not alter the origin of said object to avoid non-undoable changes to said origins, origins can be quickly changed through the [Shift + S] scene pivot menu

Create missing Vx Groups - as the name says, whether or not it should create vertex groups missing in the meshes, currently useful only for Single VxGroup, auto weight paint is not yet implemented

Purge Other VxGroups - whether or not it should delete every other groups that does not correspond to the one specified for the Single VxGroup

Boundaries Multi Tool:

Still in early development

the main use currently is to crease  any edge that is not internal to face geometry, keep non boundary allows for options like Pin to add also the Vertex belonging to those edges that split meshes of the kind of a single-face-thick strips, it was made to target workflows involving things like straps and hair cards that might need to be simulated or frequently need a subdiv modifier

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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