Realistic Eevee Glass And Liquid Shader

by Orange Turbine in Surfacing

Render great looking glass in real time with Eevee!

The reason most glass doesn't render well in Eevee is that it can't handle multiple layers of refraction. You'll only see the front faces and any other refractive objects behind it will be invisible. 

The Realistic Eevee Glass shader doesn't fix that fundamental issue, but it does cleverly disguise it by giving you more control over which parts of your object are refractive or simply transparent. The result is glass that is much more believable! 

See a breakdown of how it works in this video:

With the Smart Eevee Glass shader, you can:

  • Change the color of the glass without changing the color of the reflections
  • Tint the reflections if desired 
  • Increase or decrease the strength of the reflections
  • Set the color and strength of faked volume absorption 
  • Blend between transparency and refraction to get the best of both effects
  • Add refraction to just the edges (my favorite feature)
  • Set how much the glass should refract 
  • Add dispersion 
  • Set the transparent shadow's opacity

For the explanation of features, read the documentation

To use the Eevee Glass Shader:

  • Append the shader to your scene by going to File / Append, navigating to the eevee-glass.blend file, choosing 'NodeTree', and then selecting 'Eevee Glass BSDF'. 
  • In the Shader Editor, add the node by going to Add / Group / CGC Eevee Glass
  • Make sure both the Blend Mode and the Shadow Mode for the material are set to Alpha Hashed
  • Make sure that Backface Culling is off and that the Refraction Depth is set to 0. 
  • Turn on Refraction in both the material settings and in the render properties under Screen Space Reflections

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Various Dishes is by MZiemys and Four Whiskey Glasses is by cma

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