All Access Pass - Amazing Huge 20 Packs Of Cartoon 3D Assets

by ThreeDee in Models

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What packs are included?

What do you get?
1. Illustrationz - Modular cartoon 3D family (Adults, Kids, Elders, Pets included) (original price $249)
2. Characterz - Billions of combinations of 3D characters (original price $79)
3. Anonymouz - Faceless 3D characters of Adults, Kids, Musculars (original price $149)
4. Iconz - 333+ 3D icons in various formats (original price $39)
5. Emojiz - 55+ Animated 3D emojis in Source files Blender, MOV and PNG files ($54)
6. Animalz - Fully rigged 8 animals with various poses and 3D objects (new are coming! 👀) (original price: $39)
7. Petz - Cute fully rigged pets as a fantastic extension to our other 3D libraries (original price $29)
8. Worldz - Build your own world with a city generator (original price $29)
Handz premium - Additional poses of various hands with mobile phones, iPads, iWatches, and Samsung watches (original price $29)
10.Fontz premium - Amazing premium 3D fonts. From candy and Christmas to Cyborg 3D fonts with source files included. Amazing for boosting marketing materials (Original price $29)
11. Avatarz 2 - 400M+ combinations of upper-body 3D avatars out of the box. Blender Generator included. (Original price $49)
12. Headz - Alternative to Apple Memoji with 400,000+ combinations of 3D heads. Male, Female, and Pets included (Original price $39)
13. Vehiclez - 21 Cartoon fully rigged 3D vehicles as a great addition to our other libraries (Original price $59)
14. Roomz - Various pre-defined rooms to give context on top of our cartoon 3D characters or 3D icons. (Original price $39)
15. Fit Body - Addition to Characterz base body with various sports equipment (original price: $39)
16. Robotz - modular 3D cartoon robot with various heads, bodies, hands, and accessories. Blender, Figma, and PNG files are included.
17. Anonymouz - Faceless 3D pack of Adults, Kids, and Muscular with Character generator (original price $149)