Aircraft Navigation Part

by Tun3d in Models

      3D MODEL

      • This 3d model was originally created in Blender 3.6.4.
      • GTN750xi, GTN650xi and GFC600 by Garmin.
      • All objects (also high poly) in the scene are included.
      • Vertices : 19,699
      • Polygons : 17,520
      • All modifiers have been applied, so you can directly copy or append them to your scene.
      • Each object is named according to its function.
      • Rear objects is just an additional for rendering purposes and only uses base material shading without texture.


        • Material node is applied using MSFS gltf extension v.2, you can easily change it according to the version you are using.
        • Textures are 2048x2048 px except for emission texture that resized to 1024 px.
        • All textures are in PNG format with 16 bits/channel.
        • Ambient Occlusion, Roughness and Metallic are combined in one file usually called with COMP or ORM.

        • G650xi_Mat_ALBD.png (2048x2048).
        • G650xi_Mat_COMP.png (2048x2048).
        • G650xi_Mat_NORM.png (2048x2048).
        • G650xi_Mat_EMIS.png (1024x1024).

        1. G750xi_Mat_ALBD.png (2048x2048).
        2. G750xi_Mat_COMP.png (2048x2048).
        3. G750xi_Mat_NORM.png (2048x2048).
        4. G750xi_Mat_EMIS.png (2048x2048).
        • GFC600_Mat_ALBD.png (2048x2048).
        • GFC600_Mat_COMP.png (2048x2048).
        • GFC600_Mat_NORM.png (2048x2048).
        • GFC600_Mat_EMIS.png (2048x2048).

        Dev Fund Contributor
        Published 4 months ago
        Blender Version 3.6
        Render Engine Used cycles
        Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, low-high-resolution, normal-mapped, textured
        License Royalty Free
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