Ai & 3D Art: A Course For Digital Artists

by 3D Tudor in Training

Are you a 3D modeller, concept artist, or game designer looking to find out how to use the newest top AI options available for digital artists?

Look no further than our newest venture into the world of using AI applications to 3D model and create concept art in Blender, where we'll take you through every step of the process of creating a variety of projects with a focus on texturing.



Join our comprehensive online course ‘AI & 3D Art: A Course for Digital Artists’ to delve into the fascinating junction of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital artistry. Specifically designed for digital artists, this course is your passport to understanding and harnessing the power of AI, such as ChatGPT and AI image generators, in your 3D artwork.

In this course, you'll discover:

1.    ChatGPT AI as Your Personal Tech Support: Learn to troubleshoot software issues, discover new features and improve your proficiency in 3D tools like Blender. We will also discuss how to use AI to generate conceptual ideas and find artists for inspiration through concept art.

2.    ChatGPT as Your Writing Aid: Gain insights on how AI can help you craft professional descriptions for your artwork, add a richer vocabulary and improve overall text flow. You will also learn how to use AI for SEO, enhancing your online visibility by optimising keywords and hashtags.

3.    AI Image Generators: Explore AI image generators like Midjourney and their alternatives and understand how to create detailed concept art for references. Gain control over colour palettes, camera angles, and aspect ratios, ensuring a comprehensive grip on your artwork's visual perspective.

4.    Blender Scene Setup with AI: Walk through setting up a scene in Blender using AI-generated inputs, and create unique textures like stained glass, seamless brick wall, and a wood texture. As a plus, you will also learn to apply graffiti images as decals.

5.    Dream AI in Blender: Harness the power of a cloud-based AI render assistant and AI texture generators, add impressive detail to your rendered images, and project textures directly onto 3D objects. As a capstone course project, you will learn how to create seamless textures and upscale assets using AI, enrich your 3D environment with small prop cutouts, and craft partially transparent materials like barbed wire to enhance your scene.

‘AI & 3D Art A Course for Digital Artists’ is not just a collection of videos. Together with the course, we will also offer relevant resources and prompts from prominent sites such as and, designed to stimulate your creative exploration further.

With 37 comprehensive lessons, you will embark on a journey that integrates artificial intelligence into the world of 3D art, culminating in the proficiency to create stunning, AI-enhanced digital art. Ideal for both emerging artists and seasoned professionals, this course will equip you with the knowledge to leverage AI tools effectively, fostering an advanced creative process.

‘AI & 3D Art A Course for Digital Artists’ will teach you everything you need to know about bringing your 3D art ideas to life through up-and-coming AI tools in just over 7 hours of 3D game art.


Our ‘AI & 3D Art A Course for Digital Artists’ top 6 points:

1.    Discover how Text AI can transform your visual arts practice

2.    Enhance your professional digital artist workflow with ChaptGPT

3.    Craft customized concept pieces with Midjourney

4.    Practice efficient texture mapping with Midjourney

5.    Create unique artistic scenes with generated textures

6.    Unlock your creative potential with Stable Diffusion AI as a Blender add-on


Your project will include a collection of 3D art experiments that will work together to build your digital artist skill base:

-       Recreating a greybox from an AI-generated image

-       Creating stained glass for a Greek Orthodox church window using an AI-generated image

-       Compositing a wall/floor/crates setup out of primitive shapes using a basic render setup for AI render

-       Making and texturing a stylized scene featuring an abandoned campsite, from scratch

Following our course lessons, you will delve into the exciting world of Blender and AI digital art applications.

By integrating AI utilities into your digital 3D artist workflow, you will breathe life into your Blender experiences, continuously evolving alongside your growing skill set.

 Course Structure & Delivery


‘AI & 3D Art A Course for Digital Artists’ takes on a 3-Module Structure.


Module 1: ChatGPT


• ChatGPT AI as Your Personal Tech Support: This module enables you to troubleshoot software issues, discover new features, and hone your skills in 3D tools like Blender. It also introduces the concept of AI for generating novel ideas and locating inspirational artists. You will also see how to use ChatGPT for quick Python coding in Blender.

 • ChatGPT as Your Writing Aid: Grasp how AI can enhance your descriptive writing for your artwork, enrich your vocabulary, and improve text fluidity. Learn to use AI for SEO to bolster your online visibility by optimizing keywords and hashtags.

 • ChatGPT as an Art Research Assistant: Get help with exploring conceptual ideas for your art environment and experimenting with various art styles through textual descriptions. You'll learn how AI can suggest contextually accurate names, props, and materials to enrich your art creation process.


Module 2: AI Image Renderer


 • AI Image Generators: Dive into AI image generators such as Midjourney, understand their alternatives, and learn to create detailed concept art for references. Gain command over colour palettes, camera angles, and aspect ratios, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your artwork's visual perspective.

• Generating Texture Detail: Learn how our AI assistant can enhance 3D environments with vivid colours and intricate stained-glass decorations. The textures, designed specifically for Blender, will transform your 3D creations into visually captivating masterpieces.

 • Seamless Textures: Not only will you learn to convert AI-generated images into textures, but you will also master transforming them into usable PBR materials with varying roughness values and normal map intensity.


Module 3: Dream AI & Blender


 • Dream AI in Blender Render: Discover how to bring the power of Dream AI to your Blender workflow, adding intricate details to your rendered images and transforming your 3D objects into visually captivating assets.

• AI Texture Generator/Color Projection: Learn to project textures directly onto 3D objects, enhancing their overall visual appeal. Understand how to enhance specific details to add more depth to your 3D environment.

• Seamless Texture Creation and PBR Setup: Learn to create seamless textures in Blender using Dream AI, incorporating them as PBR nodes with a diverse array of grunge textures. This will provide you with a versatile library of high-quality materials. Understand how to upscale textures to preserve sharpness and detail. You will also gain skills in the art of crafting texture details for stylized props and creating small prop cutouts to enrich your scene.


Who Should Take This Course?


'AI & 3D Art: A Course for Digital Artists' is a fantastic fit for:

  • Digital artists who want to expand their skillset and explore the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence and 3D art

  • 3D modellers and concept artists seeking to improve their proficiency in 3D tools like Blender, using AI, such as ChatGPT and AI image generators

  • Game designers looking to understand and apply AI-enhanced 3D artwork in their game development process

  • Professionals in digital marketing or social media management who want to learn AI for SEO and online visibility enhancement of their art-related content

  • Artists struggling with texturing in their 3D projects who want to create unique and stunning textures using AI

  • Content writers or bloggers in the digital art space who want to use AI, like ChatGPT, as a writing aid for professional descriptions and improved text flow

  • AI enthusiasts who are interested in the creative applications of AI in the field of digital art and 3D modelling

  • Digital art teachers or educators who want to stay updated with the latest AI applications in 3D art, and transfer this knowledge to their students

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use cloud-based AI render assistants and AI texture generators to enhance their 3D artwork


The ‘AI & 3D Art A Course for Digital Artists’ resource pack includes 6 texture images (2 stained glass, 3 seamless, 1 decal), 1 concept piece reference, 1 blender project of a church, 1 document of links to A.I. used, and 1 human reference .obj.


Summing it all up

Are you ready to revolutionize your artistry by embracing the power of artificial intelligence?

Whether you're a 3D modeller, concept artist, or game designer, our comprehensive online course, ‘AI & 3D Art: A Course for Digital Artists’, is your gateway to mastering the most innovative AI tools in the realm of digital art.

The course allows you to practically apply your newfound knowledge in Blender, utilizing AI-generated inputs to set up scenes, create unique textures, and project textures directly onto 3D objects. Our course’s capstone project pushes your creativity and technical skills, guiding you to create seamless textures, upscale assets, and craft intricate materials, such as barbed wire, to enhance your scene.

Upgrade your artistry, redefine your creative process, and be at the forefront of the digital art revolution by enrolling in the ‘AI & 3D Art: A Course for Digital Artists’.

Join us on this transformative journey and take the first step towards creating digital 3D art in Blender in just 37 lessons!

Until next time, happy modelling everyone!

Neil - 3D Tudor


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