Advanced Sculpting

by Antonis Karvelas in Scripts and Addons

Version 1.3 Update:

  • New way of organizing the UI. Now it consists of 3 parts: Control Panel, Brushes Panel and Widget. You can turn them on and off separately and the Control Panel and Brushes Panel can be locked in place as previously or you can move them around freely as you wish. 
  • You can now right click the basic settings button to flip the brush direction. Add becomes Subtract, Flatten becomes Contrast etc.

Version 1.2 Update:

  • Brush Categories system changed, now it's a list that you can easily add any brush that you want. You can also use the name sample as a quick way to add a lot of brushes.
  • You can now choose .blend files that have brushes organized in brush categories and import those brush categories quickly and easily in all your projects. Next time you close and reopen Blender, the brush categories will re-import themselves, unless removed.

Version 1.1 Update:

  • Added ability to change the UI's colors from the control panel. It's not global, it's stored in the file and if you want to always use a specific one you have to alter the start-up file.
  • If a brush icon can't be loaded a custom icon will be loaded instead, instead of the add-on crashing.
  • If you've chosen a specific brush category and you use a default brush hotkey, the brush category is going to change to "All".
  • The add-on now works with region overlap.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, it should be much  more stable now.
  • Changed the name as it confused some people... :(

What is Advanced Sculpting?

Advanced Sculpting is an add-on that changes they way you sculpt in Blender by adding brush categories, texture folders and a custom new UI that is both simple yet complete.

Brush Categories

If you have a habit of collecting brushes and/or making new ones in Blender, you'll end up with more than you can handle. Brush Categories solve this issue, as you can now group your brushes together and thus navigate through them easily. 

(Brushes shown not included. This is an add-on, not a brush set. I wish I could share them, but I they're not mine to give...)

Texture Folders

But then again, sometimes you just want to use a bunch of textures without making a new brush for each of them. Adding them all in Blender is time consuming, and the same goes for navigating them when you have dozens more textures in your project already. Now, with texture folders, you can just select the brush you want, select the texture folder and hit "Get Textures". Now you have a custom dialog with ONLY these textures, much easier to handle.

Custom UI

Tired of the usual philosophy that most sculpting software seem to follow, "bombard them with menus and settings", I wanted a more minimalist workspace. Settings that are not often used should be hidden but quick to access, brush navigation should be as easy as possible, and most importantly, emphasis must be given to the sculpted mesh and everything else comes second. 

It would be selfish to not acknowledge the help of Kilon (Dimitris Chloupis) with  his Blender-Python library Morpheas (check it out on Github), as well as Kostas Nikolopoulos who contributed some of the ideas.

Contact/Feedback/Bugs etc.

If you want to give feedback, report a bug or ask for a feature, you can visit the Blender Artists page or email me at

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