Advanced Primitives

by CGMatter in Surfacing

Advanced Primitives is a pack of procedural nodes with all the controls you need to get started. Upon purchase you will get all the nodes packaged in a .blend file and unfiltered access to view how the nodes were created. Thank you for supporting CGMatter / Default Cube :)

What nodes are included?

1) The Tiler Node: This node will let you tile any texture / procedural group using the generated coordinates (or uv coordinates) x,y components:

2) The Circle Node: This node is the one-stop-shop for circle creation. Choose your radius, whether or not you want falloff (and with what strength), and the intensity of your noise:

3) The Rectangle Node: This node lets you create any arbitrary rectangle (yes, that includes squares) and also allows for rounded corners and overall rotation:

4) The Torus Node: This node lets you create a torus of any radius and thickness and also gives you extra control for segments and extra rings:

5) The Flower Node: (My personal favorite) This node lets you create polar coordinate based flowers with tons of controls (this is what you use for cool floor patterns):

How do I add these to my project?

Good question, you can either start by working from the provided .blend file or what I recommend is using the 'append' command to choose a specific node group (or the entire advanced primitives material) which will then be appended to your current .blend file:

What kinds of things can I make with this?

Tons of stuff! The creativity part is up to you. You can combine these nodes with your own, play around with the sliders, or even dive into the node groups and make custom modifications. Here is an example of a simple floor setup using just the tiler and the floor nodes:

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