Adjust Segments

by Haoyan Shi in Addons

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  • Wojciech Langner
    3 months ago

    Really great!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Henrik Cederblad
    4 months ago

    Great stuff and well worth five stars.

    There's just one little thing I'd wish for. I'd love to see this as a single operator rather than two: let it detect whether selection is a single edge loop, or, one or more faces. In case of single edge loop, do "adjust line segments". In case of face(s) do "adjust surface segments". Then in the menu, just have "Adjust Segments".

    Either way, this is is magic, as it retains the original shape of the geometry! It can also be regarded as an alternative to Loop Tools "Space" operator thanks to the "Uniform" property.

    • Haoyan Shi

      4 months ago

      Thank you for your support and suggestions! A new version is updated, and two operators are merged into one.

  • jiho
    4 months ago

    I always imagined this function thanks

  • LarsenHAN
    4 months ago

    Great addon, really helpful and time-saving. Thanks Haoyan Sin!

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