Addon Value Pack: Khaos/Cablecam/Lightarchitect Bundle


Value Pack!

KHAOS/Cablecam/LightArchitect Bundle Download!

This purchase includes a bundle of three of LIGHTARCHITECT's top add-ons for Blender!

Included in this pack are the following three add-ons to streamline your Blender 3d Creative desires!

1.) KHAOS- Ultimate Explosion Add-on:

Particle based add-on that allows you to streamline your explosion simulation making process in  Blender 3d! Includes preset particle explosion debris to add more realism to your effects work!

2.) LIGHTARCHITECT-Filmmaking Pre-visualization add-on: 

Pre-visualize Film Industry Level Lighting and Cinematic Camera Moves with the LightArchitect add-on for Blender 3d.  LightArchitect's add-on database includes over 65 lighting, grip and camera rig 3d model assets. This includes items such as 18K HMI lighting units, Skypanels, Jimmy Jib's, and even a fully functioning 45ft Technocrane. The LightArchitect add-on for Blender 3d is a key to pre-visualizing real world high-end lighting and camera moves for any filmmaker or visual artist.

3.) Cablecam - Create cinematic camera moves!

The Cablecam rig and add-on is designed to allow you to create cinematic sweeping camera moves with little effort. Using the three axis control system traditional camera animation for you can be a thing of the past. 

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