Accent Pro (Edit-Mode Layers)

by Minimalist Soft in Scripts and Addons

Why does it cost $3.05?

No reason. Accent Pro works flawlessly and professionally.

Does Accent Pro damage my mesh?

No. If you don't want to use Accent Pro any longer, simply deactivate in the Preferences > Addons menu, and be sure to hit ALT + h in edit mode to display any hidden faces. Accent Pro operates above Blender's functions, so it is non-destructive and will never corrupt your mesh.

How does Accent Pro Perform with Subsurfacing?

Accent Pro is transparent in operation, so feel free to use your normal workflow.

Are there unlimited layers?

Not yet... :) There are 8 layers. However, they do function very well.

Does Accent Pro do anything else besides layers?

Accent Pro is kept purposefully very simple. There is a Solo Scroll feature using the SHIFT + `(Accent) key combo. This allows you to quickly scroll through each layer starting at the first layer.

Will Accent Pro really help my workflow?

Yes. If you are a professional or beginner, you'll find that sometimes it may be difficult to access certain parts of a mesh. You might want to show only certain parts of a mesh- or hide certain parts of a mesh. If you find that one mesh hiding function is not enough, then you will love Accent Pro.

Is Accent Pro available in my language?

Accent Pro is designed with a minimalist interface. All elements are icons so that operation is universal.

Is Accent Pro for High Polycount Modeling?

Yes. Accent Pro can handle whatever your computer and Blender can handle.