8K Ground Material Pack For Environment Design

by Dennis Halbeck in Surfacing

Our Ground Materials Pack offers four unique types of ground textures: gravel, flagstone, sand, and field. Each texture has been created with over 350 photographs using photogrammetry, ensuring high detail and realism. These materials are designed to bring your digital environments to life, whether you're working on games, visualizations, or any other 3D project.

What's Included

Gravel: Perfect for paths or rough terrain:

Flagstone: Ideal for historic or outdoor scenes:

Sand with foodsteps: Great for beaches or playgrounds:

Plowed Field: Captures the detailed texture of tilled earth, ready for planting:


  • High Resolution: All textures are in 8K (8192x8192 pixels) for incredible detail. TIFF Format: The textures come in TIFF format, ensuring quality and versatility.
  • 16-Bit Height Maps: Each material includes a 16-bit height map for realistic surface variations.
  • Seamless: Textures are made to tile seamlessly, making them easy to use in large areas.
  • Downscale Ready: If needed, you can easily downscale the 8K maps for performance optimization.
  • Complete Maps: For each material, you get a height map, a normal map, an AO (ambient occlusion) map, an albedo map, and a roughness map.
  • Blend File Included: A Blender file is provided, making it easy to preview and use the materials in Blender.

This pack is perfect for anyone needing high-quality ground textures that are ready to use and versatile for different types of projects. The inclusion of comprehensive maps ensures you can create highly realistic and detailed environments.