8K Forest Material Pack For Environment Design

by Dennis Halbeck in Surfacing

Our forest materials package offers four unique textures, each meticulously captured through photogrammetry. Created from at least 350 photographs to ensure intricate detail, every material is seamlessly designed, allowing for the most realistic depiction of forest grounds. With an unparalleled resolution of 8192x8192 pixels in TIFF format, these materials provide a depth of detail rarely seen in the market, enabling designers and developers to create environments that immerse viewers into nearly real worlds.

The collection includes:

  • Standard forest ground

  • Gravel ground

  • Mossy ground with leaves

  • Forest ground with stones and roots

Primarily optimized for Blender, these materials also hold the potential for adaptation across various applications, thanks to their OpenGL normal map format (easily convertible for DirectX use), broadening their utility beyond Blender alone.

Included maps encompass Albedo, AO (Ambient Occlusion), Height, Normal, and Roughness, offering comprehensive adaptability. The 16-bit Height map ensures delicate gradations in terrain texture, empowering users to tailor the intensity of color, roughness values, and more to meet specific requirements.

Given the high resolution, a powerful graphics card with ample VRAM is recommended. Should hardware limitations arise, scaling down textures for improved performance is advised.

This package stands as an indispensable resource for crafting high-quality, lifelike environments, pushing the boundaries of quality and realism in material design.

Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles
License Royalty Free
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