259 Japanese Decals With Translations - Decal Machine Ready

by Ponte Ryuurui in Models

Pack contains two versions of the decals, one for Decal Machine 1.9 and another for Decal Machine 2.0. 

With the exception of just a few, all decals are based on photographs taken in Tokyo area. Each decal is translated into English (note: some decals are extremely large, so the translation gives a summary of the contents to assure correct context application). There are 7 folders in total, including color decals, white and yellow background decals, and 4 folders of transparent background decals.

The pack contains high quality .png files (1GB of total data), and although it is created for Decal Machine and Blender, it can be used in other software, such as photoshop for photo bashing, concept art, etc. You simple need to open respective folders and copy .png files from them to chosen location.

NOTE: to counter bleeding effect of a few decals you need to switch color interpolation from linear to closest in Machin3 panel in Blender (open right hand side menu with "n" key).

Decal Machine installation: simply download, unpack folders, and copy them into Decal Machine asset library: C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81(or other blender version)\scripts\addons\DECALmachine\assets\Decals

Link to my video on practical use of Decal Machine 2.0


Total file size: ca. 1GB.

Non compressed high res png files, with file size of some of them exceeding 5000 pixels. 

Xrtite color passport color correction to ensure authentic colors.

English translations included.