2024 Addon Pack

by safa güzel in Addons

Make blender more enjoyable and useful!

What Will You Get?

3 Addons  Added With The New Update!

1- KeyMap Manager Link
Simplify Your Keymap Management with KeyMap Manager.

2- Auto Reroute Link 
Streamline Your Workflow with Auto Reroute for Node Editor.

3- Ui Cleaner  Link
Ui Cleaner is an addon that organizes the sidebar, allows filtering and allows you to quickly access the panels.

4- Addon Generator Pro Link
If you don't want to waste time on the same things in every project or if you want to turn your projects into addon in a few minutes, this addon is for you!

5- Visual Light Analyzer Link
Visual Light Analyzer makes lighting easier, faster, and more fun.

6- Auto Object Outliner Link
Create an outliner in the viewport according to the collection color of the objects.

7- Addon Manager Link
With the Addon Manager classify your addons, activate them only when you need and optimize your scene!

8- Menu Generator Pro Link

With Menu Generator Pro; 

+ You can create your own Menus.
+ You can add Overlay Buttons to your menus.
+ You can convert the Menus you create into Addons.
+ You can update addons created with Menu Generator Pro.

9- Loop Generator Link
Loop Generator is a convenient tool to create 3D model easily.

10- Set Axis Link
Set the local axis of your object according to the selected face.

11- Focus Object Link
Calculates the optimal viewing angle and rotation in the viewport for the object you select. While doing this, the size of the object and its distance to other objects around it are taken into account.

12- Preferences N Panel Link
Easily modify preferences settings from UI panel.

13- Quick Panel Link
Easily access the panel you want via the special menu you created.

14- Custom Overlay Buttons Link
Custom Overlay Buttons allows you to add, customize, and manage buttons within Blender's UI effortlessly.

Sales 10+
Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License GPL
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