2011 Volkswagon Touareg Tdi 3d Model

by jetstream14 in Models

This is the 2011 Volkswagon Touareg TDI that I modeled based on one of the hit PS4 racing games, Crew 2. The model itself is rigged with a free rig setup know as Rigacar by the youtuber, digiCreatures which can be found by going to youtube and searching digicreatures rigacar which you'll know you see that the first 3 videos say somthing like, Rigacar for Blender in their thumbnails. The model is rigged from a preanimated operational engine and wipper blades to fully rigged doors, trunk and hood. The model is availible for Blender 2.79 only for now but it does have universal formats like obj, dae, and fbx textureless. I will then make a Blender 2.80 version if there's enough sells of this version. This model is at the very least 90% accurate to the source reference with an exception of adding a floor clutch since I didn't see how it looks like in any references.  I didn't add a realtime mirror/reflection to the  windows, carpaint, or glossy plastic since there is not really much in the delivery scene to reflect. However, You can just turn on the mirror tab in the respective materials and adjust it as desired.

In order to setup the textures to work for the native file, First download the .blend file (This version works only in Blender 2.79 so make sure you have that version of blender in order to open it.). Next, download the zip file which contains a folder that contains the textures. Finally, drag the textures folder inside the zip file to the location that you downloaded the .blend file to (both the textures foleder and .blend file have to be in the same location for blender can include the textures to the model) and that's it!