1969 Vw Beetle With Full Interior

by Noodle King Designs in Models

Where can I get help if my question hasn't been answered?

I can be contacted via the blender market messenger, or by email at noodlekingdesigns@gmail.com. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I modify the folders included in the pack?

Absolutely. Every piece of external data has been packed into the .blend files. Any modifications you make to the file folders won't affect the contents of the .blend file.

Can I export the to other programs?

The formats folder contains 4 alternate file formats for exporting to other programs. Note that materials are not carried over to other programs.

How can I get the models into my scene?
  • Open up the  .blend file
  • Select the parts of the model you wish to import to your scene
  • Simply press Ctrl+C on your selection, tab into your scene, and press Ctrl+V.

-Alternatively, You can import from the formats folder, but you will not get any materials by doing this.

What is the model's polycount?

The Beetle has 95,993 faces with all details included.