1 Click Naming For Baking

by Vovrzull in Addons

1 Click Naming for Baking, in one button can automatically name most of your low poly and high poly models in the whole scene, create and distribute them into collections, and you can also export in fbx format to two files low poly and high poly, and then with one click buttons open marmoset directly from blender, saving you the huge process of naming and other preparations for exporting to marmoset & substance.

1 Click Naming for Baking Instruction

Another interesting big project of mine for creating complex shapes by deforming objects and segments on a curve and deforming geometric primitives without applying Addon Link Curve

Update 1.3.1 Bugfix

- Object selection checkbox (When inactive mode with auto-renaming, all objects in the scene are used except hidden ones, when enabled, only selected objects are used, this also works with the collection button, when mode is active, it is used for packaging in fbx, you select low-poly and high-poly objects in pairs)

Update 1.3.0 Bugfix

Update 1.2.9 Changed export buttons, added export button in OBJ format

Update 1.2.8 Add open substance button

Update 1.2.7 Addon rename from Export for Marmoset to 1 Click Naming for Baking

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