0.14L Really Useful Box Stack (Storage Box Small)

by Grant R. Brown in Models

0.14L Really Useful Box Stack (Storage Box Small)

High quality and accurate 3D model of the 0.14L size storage boxed from the well-known plastic container brand. Suggested uses include use as décor items in close up renders for items such as jewelry, or as decoration in room renders. 

The provided .blend file includes both the storage boxes and display rack (4x4). I also provide two normal maps for the embossed logos, featuring the original Really Useful Box information as well as a copyright friendly "Quite Handy Tubs" version. 

These are ready to use assets and will give best results if used with Cycles. 

Technical Info

  • Box, handles, and Lid - Faces: 44,811
  • Display Rack - Faces: 2480
  • Fully UV unwrapped and textured
  • All objects and textures have unique meaningful names

Thanks for looking!