The First 90 Days.

The first 90 days are in the books for the Blender Market and it's been an awesome ride so far. I wanted to write a little about some of the info that we see every day but which many users do not see. One of the best parts of working on the Blender Market is financially supporting our vendors and the Blender Development Fund. We just made our second vendor payout and turned in the 5% Dev Fund contribution from our first 90 days. The 90-day-payout resulted in a payment of $823 to the team in Amsterdam. Considering the timeframe it was an amazing feeling. It wouldn't have happened without all of you buyers. Next, we just sent out the second vendor payout for July through August term. Our vendors made $1,763 and contributed an additional $353 to the Blender Development Fund. To see all stats to-date check out the dedicated stats page.   First 90 Day Sats Beyond payment stats there's also traffic stats. Any one that runs/owns a site likely has a hidden obsession with the sites stats and I'm no different. The above image shows the stats from Blender Market for our first 90 days. we're averaging around 300 users a day and are nearing in on 30,000 users. To give you a little reference it took Blend Swap about a year to reach this level. We have a long ways to go but I think it's already a huge testament to how much potential the Blender Market has. With the first 90 days in the bag we have to ask what's in store for the next 90 days and beyond? Well, we have a lot of new site features for both vendors and customers, new products that we are working on with our vendors and perhaps some contests...but shh, don't tell Wes I told you that. Finally, and I know I speak for the whole crew at CG Cookie, thank you. You have all made the first 90 days of the Blender Market amazing and I can't wait to see what the next 90 days have in store.


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